Camber Outdoors Webinar: Managing Up: Tools and Insights for Improving Stakeholder Relationships

Webinar overview:
All interactions are power dynamics— from the laws of nature to office politics. The ways, whys, and means that we participate in these dynamics are as varied as our personalities.

And yet, one of the most common frustrations is finding ourselves in the midst of a situation (at work or in life) where the need to influence is central— AND we have the responsibility to take action and get results, but we do not have the formal authority to compel people to listen, comply, or change. This is one of the universal sub-categories of work-life. Typically, we respond in one of four ways: grit our teeth and endure, have a perpetual meeting-after-the-meeting to ‘make sense of what just happened” and try to control things, shrug our shoulders/roll our eyes and become numb, or try exercise influence with the key stakeholders and impact positive motion.

This webinar will offer you tools and insights for improving stakeholder relationships through influencing skills and clarifying context— particularly when Managing Up and Managing Across the organization.

You will learn better questions to ask and a practical model for taking action. Feel free to practice these ideas at home, as well as at work.

The program will be facilitated by Judy Issokson, Ed.D, the Principal Executive Coach and Organizational Consultant at Issokson and Associates.

About the Presenter:
Judy works with individual leaders and intact teams to improve leadership effectiveness, align people and processes, identify emerging issues, and assess the sustainability of organizational initiatives and interventions. She works directly with executive teams, senior staff, and line managers facing diverse strategic business challenges such as unprecedented growth, dramatic market shifts, mergers and acquisitions, and developing the next generation of leaders. Her passion is to build people’s capacity to ask better questions—of themselves, their colleagues, and their organizations.

Over the past twenty-five years, Judy has worked in multiple industries in both private and public sectors with internal and external clients eager to align organizational structure to emerging business needs, improve global implementations, define improved strategies for effective transitions, and fine tune business integration processes. She functions as an executive coach, consultant, trusted advisor, and program designer. Clients appreciate her attention to designing actionable solutions and her willingness to adapt to doing business in their terms.

Her clients include Solectron Corporation, Quidel Corporation, Cardinal Health, FairIsaac, NetGear, University of San Diego, Xirrus, BP, GE, Fusecorps, and the United Nations. In her spare time, she owned and operated a fine-dining restaurant.

Judy holds a Doctorate in Educational Leadership and Masters in Education from Northeastern University and a BS in English Education from Boston University. She is an ICF-certified Professional Coach.

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