Pitchfest is the can’t miss event driving cutting-edge innovation, entrepreneurship, and thought leadership in the active-outdoor industries. Eight finalists will take the stage and pitch their business to industry leaders and influencers.

Celebrating its fifth year, Camber Outdoors Pitchfest accelerates business growth and visibility of some of the active-outdoor industries most innovative companies.

Camber Outdoors Pitchfest
Monday, June 17
1:00pm – 4:00pm
(followed by networking after the event 4:00pm - 5:30pm)
Location: The Kirk of Highland (3011 Vallejo St., Denver, CO)

Learn more about the Pitchfest 2019 finalists:

On June 17, the Pitchfest 2019 finalists will pitch their business plans to a distinguished panel of active-outdoor industries executives and a live audience of investors, entrepreneurs, and industry leaders.

Pitchfest is interactive and all attendees will be encouraged to provide feedback to each finalist.

Thank you to our Pitchfest 2019 sponsors:


Camber Outdoors 5th Annual Pitchfest

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